One of company sales fields is refrigerant wholesale distribution, distributing industrial and commercial refrigerants. We offer an extensive range of refrigerants (in bulk package). We are a leading distributor of biggest China manufacturers.


Refrigeration Gases


These products are categorised as having zero ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential) and medium to high GWP (Global Warming Potential) and so we offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to CFCs and HCFCs. HFCs are used in a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment especially designed for them, and as “drop in” retrofit gases for older CFC or HCFC equipment. HFC are also used in selective propellant and foam blowing applications.


A growing focus on the environmental impact of refrigerants is fuelling demand for refrigeration solutions that can provide satisfactory cooling performance with a lower impact on global warming. This is propelling environmentally friendly refrigeration solutions to the top of the corporate sustainability agenda. In addition, local legislation is increasingly targeting refrigerant gases with high GWP.


We offer a number of lower GWP HFC solutions, such as the use of R407A or R407F instead of R404A. For new equipment purchases, we also supply a wide range of HFC alternatives. These include HFO and natural refrigerants, both of which provide a viable, lower GWP alternative to HFCs.


R404A is an HFC blend that is widely used in low and medium temperature refrigeration applications, such as those used in commercial refrigeration. Whilst it has become the widely accepted alternative to CFC R502, R404A is coming under greater scrutiny due to its high Global Warming Potential, leading to an increased focus on lower GWP alternatives such as R407A, R407F and R442A.


R407C is an HFC blend designed to have similar properties to R22 in air conditioning systems. R407C is suitable for residential and light air conditioning and direct expansion air conditioning systems. It is also used in medium temperature refrigeration systems.


R32 is increasingly gaining favour as a low temperature refrigerant and as a replacement gas in some R410A applications. R32 has a low GWP, providing a lower carbon footprint than most other HFCs.


R410A is an HFC blend designed for new R22 applications. It operates at higher pressures than many other refrigerants, and so cannot be used to retrofit R22 systems. Systems designed for R410A can take advantage of its ability to use smaller components, making it a key refrigerant for domestic and light air conditioning equipment. R410A's low glide also makes it suitable for some centrifugal compressors, and it can operate in low temperature applications.


R507A is an HFC blend designed to be a replacement for R502 in low and medium temperature refrigeration applications. It is similar in characteristics to R404A however, being an azeotropic blend, 507A does not suffer from glide or fractionation making it suitable for additional applications such as centrigugal compressors.